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Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered if there is a way that you could supplement your current income or even completely replace it? Well, it is more possible than you think -- via the Internet. I know this for sure, because that's exactly what I have been doing. That's right, for the past few years I have been earning my entire income via the Net.

In fact, in these days of worldwide economic uncertainty, corporate meltdowns, disappearing pension funds, continuing job losses, and a general state of employment and financial insecurity, I am very grateful that I have found an alternative way to earn my living and build something lasting for my future and that of my family.

My name is Shaun Fawcett, and I first came online back in early 2001. (about me)  At that time I had no idea what I was doing or where I would eventually go online. In fact, I was an absolute non-techie beginner. All I knew then was that I was in desperate need of a new way to make a decent living and I didn't want to do it any longer as a paycheck-to-paycheck futureless employee in a corporate cubby-hole -- trapped in a typical dead-end job.

Once I looked into it, I was intrigued to find out that a small group of people had somehow been able to figure out how to earn their living online. In fact, I learned that some of those people were actually doing very well. It was learning of their success that gave me a faint hope that I just might be able to do that myself one day.

Well, almost a decade later I am happy to report that I have been making a very comfortable living online for the past 6+ years. I won't say that that it was always easy getting there, but now that I have done it, I am so glad I stuck it out in the early days when it would have been so easy to just give up and throw in the towel.

Over the years, as people around me began to realize that I had somehow found a way to make my living online, many of them would ask me for info on exactly how I was doing it. Yes, it seems that many of them were also looking for "another way". Not wanting to be rude, or to discourage those folks, I would give them a few tidbits of info about what I was doing, but there was so much more to it than what I could possibly give them in a casual conversation, or a couple of quick e-mails.

So finally, I decided to write it all down in an orderly, step-by-step fashion. My intention from the beginning was to write a book that I could share with friends, family and acquaintances that would tell them exactly what I have been doing online -- and continue to do. Most importantly, I wanted to present the information in such a way that they would be able to see clearly and specifically exactly what they need to do if they want to start earning their own income online -- just like I have been doing. I believe I have done just that.

The resulting ebook/book is my step-by-step action plan that details exactly how you too can earn your living online via multiple streams of online income.

"The Self-Bailout Strategy - How To Recession-Proof Yourself With Multiple Streams of Online Income"

The Self Bailout Strategy - cover Find Out How To Make Your Living Online...

Convert Your Experience and Knowledge Into Dollars...

Do It Once and Get Paid Over and Over Again...

"In this book, Fawcett shows you exactly how to set yourself up on the Internet to earn steady streams of recurring income from multiple sources -- something he has been doing for years."

Here's What You Will Learn In This Book...

Instead of getting into a long drawn-out sales pitch here, I am going to let the content of my book speak for itself and tell you exactly what you will find between the covers when you read it. The points listed below are in the same order you will find them as you progress through the book.

About Making A Living Online (pgs. 1 - 40)
  • The four key personal traits that you need to develop, nurture and apply for success online.
  • My background story and how I learned the long and hard way to make my living online.
  • Why "unwanted distraction" is the single biggest threat to your online success.
  • The six most common types of offers you need to avoid and how to identify them.
  • Why these distracting offers are so difficult to ignore and how to do it.
  • An Offer Assessment Matrix that you can use to evaluate online offers.

Online Income Basics (pgs. 41 - 74)
  • How I learned over time to harness the multi-stream online income model.
  • How you can make recurring advertising income online.
  • How you can make recurring affiliate income online.
  • How to make income from your own products and/or services.
  • How you can get others to sell your products and/or services online and offline.
  • How you can leverage your Web presence to make additional income from consulting.
  • Why a theme-based content website is the crucial key to long-term online success.
  • Why it's critical to find your own personal niche for online income success.

The Step-by-Step Action Plan (pgs. 75 - 150)
  • Understanding the "long tail" and how you can make it to work for you.
  • The 7 Step Action Plan that you can implement for multi-stream online income.
  • How to perform your personal inventory with a personal assessment worksheet.
  • Tools and tips for performing basic keyword research in search of your niche.
  • Tools and tips for assessing the competition in your niche space.
  • How to choose your specific niche and select your website domain name.
  • Domain name tips: whether to go with .com, .net, .biz, etc.; to hyphenate or not?
  • Where and how to register your website domain name.
  • Web hosting defined and how to find a Web host for your website.
  • Basic hosting services versus full-service hosting - the differences.
  • Planning, structuring and laying out your website hierarchy of pages.
  • Why creating and posting theme-based content on your website is key.
  • How to "follow your keywords" when creating content for your site.
  • Tips, tricks and advice for creating quality niche-focused content.
  • Why you don't have to be a "writer" to create your own website content.
  • How and where you can get others to write your content for you.
  • How to use private label rights (PLR) content appropriately and effectively.
  • Why you need to avoid duplicate content and how to avoid it.
  • How to protect content that you create for yourself.
  • Personalizing content written by others such as PLR and freelancers.
  • Tips, tricks and advice to help you when revising your content.
  • How you can keep growing your niche-focused content over time.
  • The differences between publisher-advertisers and vendor-advertisers.
  • How Google AdSense works and how to sign up and get started.
  • How to create and post Google AdSense ads on your website.
  • Tips, tricks and advice for posting and positioning Google AdSense ads.
  • How affiliate programs work and how you can benefit from them.
  • How to find affiliate partners that will best complement your website.
  • What affiliate management networks are and how to use them.
  • Links to the Top 5 affiliate management networks.
  • 7 key questions you need to ask when screening potential affiliate partners.
  • How to add affiliate links to your website that will convert.
  • Tips and advice on the optimal placement of affiliate links on your site.
  • Affiliate program conversion rates and the factors that influence them.

Getting More Traffic (pgs. 151 - 166)
  • Writing and posting articles to attract even more free targeted traffic.
  • Links to the top online article submission directories.
  • Creating a Course or Info-Series to get more free traffic and subscribers.
  • Publishing a newsletter to attract subscribers and additional free traffic.
  • Using a blog to attract lots of additional free highly targeted traffic.
  • Can Web 2.0 social media drive more targeted traffic to your website?
  • How to create a news/press release to get more free traffic and increase sales.
  • Creating and posting a "media kit" to get more free targeted traffic from the SEs.
  • Other free traffic generation methods that you might want to consider.
  • Why you need to avoid most unsolicited free online traffic offers.

Tools and Resources (pgs. 167 - 178)
  • An implementation checklist and worksheet for completing the 7 Action Steps.
  • List of key software tools to develop and maintain a theme-based content website.
  • List of general writing resources to assist with website content creation.

Of course, the above is just a brief thumbnail sketch of the material covered in detail in the 175 pages of value-added content in this book. As you can see, the book is chock-full of tips, information, advice, and resources on exactly how you too can harness the multi-stream income model just as I have.

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You Get Your Own Detailed Action Plan...

As a recognized author of "how-to" books it is very important to me that I always give my readers step-by-step action plans that are easy to follow and implement. Here's a summary of the 7 Action Steps that will show you exactly what you need to do (and how to do it) in order to implement your very own version of the multiple stream income model:

Self Bailout Strategy - Action Plan Flowchart

As you can see, I have broken down all of this information into a few distinct bite-size chunks that you can focus on separately as you systematically implement each step in sequence.

The beauty of following a detailed action plan like this is that you don't have to do it all at one time.

You can work away at it step-by-step over a period of time - at whatever speed works for you. Or, if you want to -- and you have the luxury of focused time that you can allocate to it -- you can jump right into it and charge ahead through the steps as quickly as you are able to.

BOTTOM LINE: Once you have read, absorbed and understood the information given in this book, there is absolutely no reason why you will not be able to research, plan, design, and develop your very own theme-based website that will become the driver for your very own version of the multi-stream income model.

A Small Investment In Your Future...

Your small one-time investment in The Self-Bailout Strategy� will launch you immediately on the path towards earning your own recurring income online. Each step that you implement will take you ever closer to that target.

Think about your investment in business terms...

  • This information is worth a lot of money. It is the net accumulation of seven (7) years of intensive personal research and trial-and-error experimentation that actually cost me thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.

  • It would cost you anywhere from $500 to $2,500 to attend a typical two or three-day seminar to teach you just some of the information contained in this book (If such a seminar was even available).

  • You will recover the full cost of The Self-Bailout Strategy� shortly after your theme-based website is up and running online.
If I were one of those Internet Marketing gurus I'd be charging you at least $99 to $149, for the information contained in this book because it has the potential to generate many thousands of dollars in profits for you.

Really; those are the kinds of prices those Internet Marketing gurus charge every day for money-making info products like this ebook.

However, since I am just a regular person who has toiled away quietly in the background to build my own small niche-based business online, I am primarily interested in making my knowledge accessible to other like-minded folks, like you, who are also looking for an alternative way to make their living.

So, until further notice, I am charging a Special Introductory Price of $149, $99 $69 $47,. This price may be increased at any time! (As I said, you'll recover that investment within days of getting your website online).

Just think, for less than the cost of one month of cell/mobile phone usage you can make an important and possibly life-changing investment in your own future!

(Please Note: Due to the dynamic nature of the Net, I cannot guarantee this price for more than 24 hours at a time. So if you're seriously thinking of buying, DO IT NOW, so you won't miss out on this price and be disappointed.)

You Also Get A Free Bonus Consultation With Me!

As an owner of The Self-Bailout Strategy you will automatically be entitled to a free bonus telephone or e-mail consultation with me. That's right. I will give you my special toll-free number (and private e-mail address) which will allow you to grill me for up to 30 minutes via phone or e-mail with any questions you may have about any aspect of the material covered in the book book/ebook. (I normally charge a minimum of $150 per hour for business consulting, so this is at least a $75 value).

This Is NOT A "Get Rich Quick" Product

This ebook is definitely NOT some kind of get rich quick gimmick. Unlike many products put out by the typical Internet Marketers, this one does not make outrageous claims about how the product will show you the secret to how you can start making a 4 or 5 figure monthly income in just a couple of weeks, with little or no work.

Such claims are hogwash of course. But many of the IM types make their offers sound so compelling that they get a lot of people to suspend disbelief and actually pay them hundreds of dollars for a product(s) that doesn't deliver what they promise.

On the contrary, my ebook is simply a detailed account of how I have learned to earn my living online over the past few years. It contains a set of detailed instructions on how you too can do the same thing as me if you are willing to put in the time and effort and implement the step-by-step Action Plan that I give you.

I have no doubts that if you implement this Action Plan, exactly as prescribed, you too will start generating income from multiple online channels. How much you earn, and how long it will take you, will be a direct function of which niche you choose and how much time and effort you put into implementing the steps as prescribed in the Plan.

BOTTOM LINE: I am currently making my entire living online. This ebook tells you everything I know about how to do that. To do what I have done, all you need to do is follow my step-by-step Action Plan.

"Shaun Fawcett has done it again, "The Self-Bailout Strategy", is without a doubt, the ultimate guide to building your online business. If anyone can Lead by Example, Shaun is the person to follow. He lets you get inside his head, and I am awestruck by the breadth and depth of the information he gives.

This ebook/book is an absolute gold mine. Be sure to absorb each and every page; otherwise you could miss that important next step. Shaun takes you by the hand and walks you through every phase of building an online presence.

Having read through "The Self-Bailout Strategy" in detail, I believe that Shaun is spot on with each and every step. I think his book is superbly written and he certainly has inspired me to move forward and start building my website now."

Anne Schofield
San Diego, CA

"If you have ever wondered if there is a way that you could supplement your current income or even completely replace it via the Internet, this book will show you how to do just that."

IN SUMMARY here's what you get...

A comprehensive 180 page step-by-step manual that will guide you through every detail of implementing the 7 Action Steps for creating your own multiple income stream online business.

Offers and distractions you MUST avoid online - including how to recognize and sidestep them -- if you hope to establish a successful online business.

How to find your own personal niche that will become the critical component of your online strategy and the key to the ultimate success of your online business model.

Little known online business secrets on how to establish yourself and grow your business online so you can benefit from multiple online money-making channels.

Dozens of tips, tricks, pointers as well as insider information on what works and what doesn't when trying to establish yourself online.

Hundreds of essential resource links to tools, services and information; all of which are critical for creating a successful online presence.

Little known traffic-generating strategies that will bring hundreds or thousands of additional targeted visitors to your website every day.

Free Bonus Telephone or e-Mail Consultation with me worth at least $75 to answer any questions you have about implementing the 7 Action Steps for multiple streams of online income.

Valuable information and insights about the latest online trends and tools and their impacts on creating an online theme-based website that will generate multiple streams of income.

Detailed Implementation Checklist that will guide you step-by-step through the application of the 7 Action Steps for a multi-stream income online business model.

A powerful comprehensive how-to ebook that will show you how to turn your background, knowledge, know-how, skills, and abilities into a money-making theme-based Web business.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you find that your use of the info in this product does not help you develop your own money-making theme-based website.

Here's Your 100% Solid Gold Risk-Free Guarantee!
"I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort and follow all of the 7 Actions Steps as detailed in this ebook/book on how to research and create your own theme-based content website; shortly after creating and launching your site as prescribed in the ebook you will begin to receive your first recurring revenues from multiple income sources. You've got two full months (60 days) to study and implement this material and prove that this strategy works as advertised. If during that period you aren't fully satisfied with the quality of the information provided, let me know and I'll issue you an immediate no-hassle refund."

Download the Kit by SECURE SERVER Now...

Yes I want my own copy of The Self-Bailout Strategy; the comprehensive 180-page ebook full of tips, tricks, pointers, information and tools including the 7 Action Steps for creating multiple online income streams. I understand that this ebook will show me exactly how to create my own online business that generates multiple streams of online recurring income. Yes I understand that this is a special limited-time offer and that my credit card will be charged only $199 $99 $69$47 during this promotion period. I also understand that my order is fully guaranteed, and if using the info in this ebook doesn't assist me in developing a money-making website, I can request a refund within 60 days of purchase.

(Get ready! In just a few minutes you will be the owner of THE definitive step-by-step manual on how to create your own Web-based business that can generate multiple streams of recurring income. Talk about instant gratification!)

"The Self-Bailout Strategy could actually change your life."

I wish you all the best in life and online success,

Shaun Fawcett, M.B.A.

P.S. ---- If you came to this website looking for information on how you can make your living online this eBook was created for you. This comprehensive resource will show you exactly how to create your own theme-based website that generates multiple streams of online income. And you can order it here right now!

P.P.S. -- You've got lots to gain and nothing to lose with my two-month Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this ebook to create a theme-based website that will earn you an online recurring income. Once you have established your Web presence you will easily recover the cost of the ebook in a short time. So do yourself a favor and order it now before the price goes up!

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